Tired of this?

Gmail signup showing a username that is already taken
Get your personalized free email address!

Your personal email address

Your chance to get your first or last name as email, no need to add any numbers!

Forwards to your existing account

You can even send from your new address with most email accounts!

Six free domains

For all others: €6/year or $9/year
80% off for the first year!

100+ domains

There's a domain for you!

Your data stays yours

We do not monetize your data.

Data breach notification

When there is an external breach involving your email address we let you know. (courtesy of Have I Been Pwned?)

Upcoming: Free aliases

Create email addresses that forward to your real email, and use them for the public internet. Only your friends get your real email. When there is too much spam just remove the alias.
Let's find your new email!
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